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Skyler Irvine’s Digital Digest – June 11, 2018

Facebook launches karaoke feature and allows users to include music in video content

Facebook has agreed to terms with all the major record labels so users can finally post their own videos with legally-copyrighted background music. Additionally, the platform is testing a new “Lip Sync Live” feature designed to lets users pick a popular song and sing it karaoke-style on a Facebook Live broadcast.

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Apple announces updates to iOS, Siri and more at annual Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple completed its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose last week. Key updates coming out of the conference include:

  • ARKit 2.0 – Apple rolled out its latest developer software for augmented reality to enhance facial recognition and 3D object detection and more
  • iOS 12 – Apple released iOS 12 with a focus on improving performance of the phones operating system across all devices
  • Memoji’s – As customized avatars become more prevalent Apple is now creating their own version of Bitmojis for iMessage
  • Siri – Users can now create custom commands for Siri to improve its voice assistant
  • CarPlay – Apple’s car focused operating system will now support 3rd party navigation tools like Waze and Google Maps
  • Parental Controls – Parents now have tha ability to control how much time children spend on apps on their phones

Read more: TechCrunch

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