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What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About SOCIAL MEDIA in 2018

Whether you love social media, or hate it, its time you learned to respect it. Social media is not “changing the way we do business” because it has already changed it.

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The most common complaint I get when I talk to social media mangers is that their client or employer doesn’t respect the platform. 

Why this is Bad for the Business Owner:

If you were hired to do a task but the person who hired you openly expressed their lack of respect for that task, how excited are you to do this job?

Whether a full time employee, and agency, or a part time freelancer, do you really think you will be getting their best work?

They may do a poor job because they don’t feel appreciated, or you might unknowingly hire very unqualified help because you didn’t respect the platform enough to learn the bare minimum and know when someone is taking advantage of you. 

I know it can be tough to learn new things and extra tough when you are at the top of your field and have to start over somewhere new at the bottom. But whether you love social media or hate it, its time you started to respect it. 

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